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360° Pipe Unwrapping



POSM Professional's data tracking features combined with State-of-the Art 360° “Pipe Unwrapping” digital imagery lets you see what you’ve been missing in a crystal clear, unique video perspective that utilizes single conductor technology.

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Our Most Advanced, Complete, Inspection Application


POSM Professional


Compatible with most CCTV equipment. Used for mainline, lateral, and manhole inspections.

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Pro Features On A Vivax Push Camera System


vCam in Field


POSM vCam is an upgraded version of POSM Portable that is 100% compatible with the vCam push camera overlay and footage counter. The upgrade brings Pro-like features to Portable.

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Video Capture Software for Push Camera, Well, Manhole, and Jet Inspection.


POSM Portable


Captures Whole Run Video. Captures Live Images and Clips. Software Generated Text Overlay Data and Observations Recorded on Clips and Pictures. Compatible with GPS. Contains All POSM Templates.

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Simplified Pipeline Data Collection




A cost-effective, streamlined option that gets you up and running with minimal setup. Terrific for contractors and municipalities that don’t utilize NASSCO. Lite keeps things simple while enabling a fast and thorough survey.

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Start Inspections From GIS Maps and Data—Included with POSM Pro


POSM MapReader


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