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POSM Lite Offers the Essential Tools To Go Beyond The Visual




POSM Lite is a cost-effective, streamlined option that gets you up and running with minimal setup. Terrific for contractors and municipalities that don’t utilize NASSCO. Lite keeps things simple while still offering a fast and thorough survey.


POSM Lite Features:


  • New burning engine that supports: CD, DVD, DVD Dual-Layer, and Blu-ray.
  • Export sessions to network or USB drives.
  • POSM hardware USB MPEG 4 whole run recording with pause.
  • Support for hardware text overlay and distance encoding with either XBOB 3 or 4.
  • Captures images and live video.
  • Easy to read HTML reports that are compatible with all browsers and operating systems.
  • Data, video and images import into POSM Pro and POSM Server.
  • Easy upgrade to POSM Pro without the need to purchase additional hardware.
  • Available in English or Spanish.