How to Restore a Corrupt POSM Database.

PDF Step-By-Step Walkthrough Available Here.

  • If there is no database to choose from when starting POSM or you see error message "You must select a database connection!"
    • Your database is most likely corrupted.
  • Click "Restore Backup Database for Connection" button in POSM's Database Connection Manager.
  • From the list that pops up, select the most recent date database backup.
  • Then press "Restore Database" button.
  • Click ok when completed.
  • Reopen POSM and your database should be restored.

To Restore the Database Manually:

  • Open the POSM Folder in My Computer and navigate into the DataBackup folder.
  • Highlight the ZIP archive with the most recent data and select Extract All.
  • Go to the extracted folder and find the file POSM.mdb. Right click on POSM.mdb and Copy the file.
  • Go to the root of the POSM folder, right click and select "Paste". If needed, Replace the POSM.mdb in that location.
  • POSM should open and work normally,.