Meet the POSM Software Team: Experts in Technical Support, Sales, and More




Matt Coleman

Technical Support Manager/Sales

Matt Coleman worked in publishing for 19 years before joining POSM Software Tech Support in March 2016. “I had the opportunity to freelance with POSM and learn all about the software. This made the transition easy.” His education includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic arts from Ball State University, and since joining POSM, he’s earned certifications in NASSCO PACP, LACP, and MACP 1 and 2.

He is the Team Lead for POSM GIS Server and manages Octavio Pereira. The Team oversees Installation, sales, demonstrations, upgrades, training, and maintenance of the POSM GIS Server and Storage products. He also assists GIS Server and Storage customers at a tech support level by answering, scheduling, training, and resolving any GIS Server challenges that may come up.

In his free time, Matt enjoys fishing, home remodeling, and building remote controlled cars.

John DeGray


John DeGray

Technical Support

John DeGray joined the Tech Support team July 31, 2020. He brought with him years of technical experience, including completing his junior and senior years of high school at an IT Cisco Networking Trade School. He also earned a certification for Adobe Dreamweaver, and worked as a part-time IT Administrator for four years. He also worked with at-risk youth in a residential facility.

He was a natural fit for our best-in-the-industry tech support team. John quickly trained up, and became a valued member of Tech Support, assisting POSM customers get unstuck or better understand POSM’s software features. “It’s our job to help our customers no matter what. If an issue is beyond one person’s ability, they can call on someone else in the team whose skills fall more in line with the issue. Between us, there’s nothing we can’t solve. It’s satisfying every time we get a customer ‘unstuck’ and back to work.”

Beyond their tech support excellence, John says he’s impressed with “How close our team is, how kind and appreciative, and the small things we do for each other in and out of the company.” He continues to expand his knowledge  base of relevant programs and software so he can utilize that knowledge in the service of assisting POSM and its customers.

John enjoys building computers and teaching customers about various systems and how to fully utilize them. 

Sage Dinse


Sage Dinse

Technical Support

Sage Dinse joined the POSM Tech Support team in June 2020. He brings with him eight years of customer service and management experience (six in the produce/groceries and two in the pets industry). He also entertained at events as a clown alter ego where he rode on a unicycle and juggled to the delight (and possible trauma) of local children. Andrew Seidel of POSM’s Tech Support team is a close friend, and Andrew recommended Sage for the position. 

Sage’s education includes an Associate of Science from Columbus State Community College. Since joining POSM, he’s also earned his NASSCO Certification.

Sage assists customers as needed via phone and the remote support app to troubleshoot and mend any possible issues. “The beauty of POSM is that we are all experts, and if we find a new issue, or one comes up that we haven’t seen yet, we all work together as a team to resolve it.” Though such opportunities are infrequent in the current climate, Sage especially enjoys visiting customers and representing the support team on site and at trade shows.

Regarding his personal life and hobbies, Sage says, “I love everything outdoors, and spend the majority of my free time foraging for wild edible plants and mushrooms. If I can’t get outside, I like to make music with my modular synthesizer.”

Brad Hudson


Brad Hudson

Sales/Customer Success


Brad Hudson joined POSM in 2020 as a Sales/Customer Success, overseeing the relationships and Implementation of POSM in the Rocky Mountain region. 

With a background in Communication and Business, Brad represents POSM at conventions and conferences. He also maintains current accounts with in-office visits, support demos, and providing the customer with IT support and troubleshooting. His support maximizes POSM’s presence in the industry by providing quality, on-point customer service, and a breadth of knowledge with not only the end customer, but dealers as well.  

Since joining the POSM team, Brad has acquired the PACP, LACP, and MACP certifications, and is on the NASSCO Software committee involved in the future development of industry standards.

Outside of working hours, Brad can be found moving and grooving as an active lover of the outdoors with his wife, son, and their two dogs.

Staff Photo Derek Johnson


Derek Johnson

VP of Sales



Derek Johnson earned his Bachelor’s in Marketing/IT from the University of Washington in 2000. He joined POSM Software as Sales Manager in February of 2019, where he quickly leveraged his 17 years of sales experience to create strategies to take POSM Software to the next level.

As VP of Sales, Derek’s responsibilities include coordinating demos and training with Tech Support, working with dealers to ensure customer satisfaction, and attending industry trade shows to maintain beneficial company connections while creating new ones. “We are a tight-knit group that can make quick decisions and handle problems on the spot. This lack of bureaucracy makes it easy to prioritize customer satisfaction. The beauty of POSM is that we are all key players. That's why it's fun to work here.”

Derek still works for the NBA maintaining its International Scouting Database, which he has done for 11 years.

Derek is an active athlete who loves sports. Not surprisingly, he played basketball in his college years. He also loves snowboarding and is a casual runner. “I’ve surfed nearly all the breaks in the US, as well as three other continents.” He is missing his dog MacKenzie of 15 years.

Staff Photo Robert Katter


Bob Katter



Bob co-founded the company that eventually became POSM Software in 2000 while at Purdue University earning his Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Technology and Networking. He continued to nurture POSM while employed at Caterpillar and for seven years as an engineer at RS Technical Services (now Subsite Electronics), where he worked with cameras, tractor development, and IT server administrators. He took the company full-time in 2009.


“I help people every day while creating something I enjoy,” said Bob. “I’ve traveled the world and worked with a lot of amazing people, all while providing for my family with something we built from scratch.”


Bob enjoys gaming, running, hiking, cycling (both the kind you pedal and the kind with a motor), inline skating, photography, and, of course, computing.

Staff Photo Cliff Katter


Gene "Cliff" Katter

Vice President


Cliff started working for POSM back in 2001 as a contracted graphic artist. He joined the company full-time January 2011. “I’ve been an avid computer programmer and user since the ‘80s.” Cliff earned a BFA in painting from Ball State University.


Along with his freelancing endeavors, Cliff was a graphic designer for Galyan’s Sports and Outdoor in the early 2000s. After it closed, he worked for a GSW Worldwide, design agency that specializes in pharmaceutical advertising. Through the years, he transitioned into IT roles.


“We have a very down-to-Earth customer base. I especially like the challenge of supporting our software because it encompasses so many aspects of technology: databases, video and image creation, GIS, network storage and communications, cloud solutions, web development, mobile setups, workstations, printing, and hardware.”

POSM Staff Photo RJ

Regis Josef “RJ” Leveriza

Technical Support


Regis Josef “RJ” Leverza was recruited by POSM Sales Manager Derek Johnson in March of 2020 to join the expanded sales team. He divides his time between several roles. He assists tech support by taking customer remote sessions or calls when needed; he also makes courtesy calls to customers who haven’t used POSM support for more than 6 months. “I ensure the product is working well for them and remind them that tech support is there whenever they need it.” He added, “POSM is a small group of really good people, everyone is easy to work with and very supportive. POSM may be laid back, but we make sure to get the job done.”

His past experience includes 5 years as an HR supervisor, 7 years support for financial institutions (including as a fraud analyst), and 7 years as a Real GM international basketball consultant. RJ earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from De La Salle University in Manila. He enjoys traveling, experiencing international culture and food, and playing video games. He follows various sports, including basketball, occasional European Soccer/Football, and he’s a fan of MMA.

Staff Photo Megan oNeal


Megan O’Neal

Accounting & Compliance


Megan joined POSM in March 2017. She has over 15 years of experience of management in the private sector. She was a paralegal for over a decade, where she developed strong litigation skills and a deep understanding of law. She also earned a Bachelor's of Applied Sciences in Social/Community Services and a Master’s in Administration with an emphasis in Project Management, plus minors in Educational Psychology and criminal justice, all  From Northern Arizona University.

Functioning as a one-person department, her responsibilities at POSM are many, including but not limited to:

  • Record Keeping and financial management
  • Accounts Payable and Receivables
  • Tax compliance and compliance with public agencies in which POSM holds open contracts
  • Contract Review
  • Structuring the HR department, managing payroll and employee benefits
  • Coordinating Events
  • Special projects as needed

Megan is one of POSM’s behind-the-scenes VIPs and secret weapons, taking care of business so that the Sales and Tech Support teams are best able to do their jobs and serve our customers while remaining compliant to best business practices. 

Staff Photo Socrates Palma


Socrates Palma

Technical Support


Socrates Palma joined POSM’s growing West Coast Tech Support team in the summer of 2020. His experience in IT tech support goes back to 1994 with a focus on troubleshooting software issues on the Microsoft Windows operating system. He also earned a degree (equivalent of a Bachelor of Science) in Computer Engineering from the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Managua Nicaragua.

In his everyday role as tech support with POSM, Socrates works directly with customers, usually while they’re on site in the truck. He leverages his years of expertise to resolve their issue as fast and as efficiently as possible. He’s excited to be part of a growing American company.

When he’s not making POSM’s clients happy, Socrates enjoys following the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Formula 1 Racing.

Staff Photo Octavio Pereira


Octavio Pereira

GIS/Server Specialist


Octavio Pereira is no stranger to infrastructure development. His previous experience includes working with the Inter-American Development Bank in Central America on the United Nations Development goals for Universal Access to Energy. “Prior to joining POSM, I worked on regional and rational energy development plans in Central America for five years. I specialized in geostatistical analysis, reviewing, and designing national electrification programs to ensure universal access.”

Octavio joined the POSM team in July 2020. He is part of the GIS department and the GIS - Server licenses team with Matt Coleman. His daily routine includes helping design, deploy, test and support the server environment for GIS / Server customers. This includes the two-way connection between a server and a GIS software. We basically administer, manipulate and analyze the DB information to deploy data on a map. “We work side-by-side with the customers to meet their tailored needs based on their administrative and technical perspective so they can take full advantage of the licenses we offer.”

From the GIS side, Octavio helps customers with anything they need, from building their sewer system maps (sometimes from scratch) to helping the design of the asset management tool in GIS so they can manage, control, and make future decisions based on the data gathered by  POSM. This includes the combination of database manipulation, analysis and creation of new tables; and geospatial analysis based on their current GIS data. “We are currently exploring additional asset management GIS software to integrate with POSM and broaden our capabilities.”

Octavio earned a BS in Economics and Finance and a MBA from Thomas More University. His hobbies include fishing, kayaking, reading and playing soccer.

Staff Photo Alex Roberts


Alex Roberts

Technical Support

Alex Roberts has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Media Production from Kent State University, focusing on video filming and editing. His previous experience includes five years in IT positions at Akron’s IgnitionOne and Columbus’s PCM. Alex is professionally trained as a video software technician. 

Alex joined POSM Tech Support in October 2019. His background made him a perfect fit to enhance POSM's talented team of experts. Among his other duties, he leverages his skills as an IT Specialist to assist customers with installations and troubleshooting issues like missing video. For Alex, quality work is top priority, so you know you’ll be in good hands.

Staff Photo Andrew Seidel


S. Andrew Seidel

Technical Support Manager/Hardware Specialist


Andrew joined the POSM support team in October 2016. Prior to this, he served four years in the United States Air Force, stationed mostly in Japan, where he maintained and repaired F-15 fighter jets. He also worked five years at Franklin County Metro Parks performing park and vehicle maintenance, and one year at Champion Cleaning, where he repaired sewer inspection equipment and all things computer-related.


Since joining POSM, Andrew earned NASSCO PACP, LACP, and MACP certifications. As lead tech, he manages the team and assists with calls and logs. He assists the sales team with demos and questions, and with creating training materials for customers and tech support.


He also manages stock, storage, and fulfillment of all POSM Hardware, from shirts and hats to XBOBs and Sensorays. He’s a go-to expert on hardware compatibility and “obscure issues.”


"Bob and Cliff [Katter] are the best bosses I’ve ever had. It's great that my efforts directly affect the company.” In his free time, he enjoys making music, skateboarding, riding his motorcycle, and fly fishing.