Staff Photo Matt Coleman

Matt Coleman

Lead Support Technician/Sales
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Matt joined the POSM software tech support team in March, 2016. He loves the unique opportunity that POSM offers to share cutting-edge technology with his clients. “We are constantly tackling new and exciting challenges on the horizon. We are a lean, efficient group who relies on a teamwork approach made up of self-managed professionals to get the job done.”

Matt earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic arts from Ball State University and worked in publishing for 19 years before becoming part of the POSM team. In his free time, Matt enjoys fishing, hiking and building remote controlled cars.

Staff Photo Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson

General Manager
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It started as a couple of casual conversations with POSM Software co-founders Bob and Gene Katter. Soon, Derek Johnson decided he’d liked what he’d heard about the POSM product, and he especially liked its people. In March 2019, he jumped “into the deep end” of sales management, and is excited to help take POSM to the next level. “We are a tight-knit group that can make quick decisions and handle problems on the spot. This lack of bureaucracy makes it easy to prioritize customer satisfaction.”

Derek earned his Bachelor’s in Business Marketing from the University of Washington in 2000. He brings over 17 years of sales experience, including nine years with the NBA where he coordinates international basketball data to assist scouts with evaluating overseas talent. Derek continues his NBA responsibilities part-time.

Derek is an active athlete who loves sports. Not surprisingly, he played basketball in his college years. He also loves snowboarding and is a casual runner. “I’ve surfed nearly all the breaks in the US, as well as three other continents.

David Hasenford POSM Software Sales

David Hasenford

Sales, West Coast and Latin America
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David Hasenford joined the POSM in February 2020. He was recruited by Derek Johnson to join the sales team, and oversees the West Coast and Latin America territories.

He says he is motivated by “the desire to put the best tools in the industry in the hands of the people who need them, including our Latin American brothers and sisters. I recognized that POSM’s mission is to help people. Inspections and data management are tough and tedious work, but are vital to our environment and economy. If I can leverage our terrific products and our support team to make the client’s workday less stressful, more productive, and more satisfying, our company’s future will be very secure.”

David brings 15 years of business development and entrepreneurship in the US and Latin America. He earned a B.A. in Geography and Communication from Indiana University.

During his free time he enjoys surfing, skiing, sailing, working out, and, in David’s own words, “the manly pursuit of yoga.”

Brad Hudson

Brad Hudson

Sales, Tech Support, Rocky Mountain Region
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Brad Hudson joined the POSM sales team to oversee the Rocky Mountain region in June 2020. Brad was recruited directly by POSM Sales Manager Derek Johnson.

Brad earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Business from the University of Arizona in 2004 while remaining cool under pressure (100 degree temperatures, anyone?). Shifting gears from Arizona to the Rocky Mountains of Denver, Brad used his 20-plus years in client relations to transition to account management and project coordination and fulfillment.

His ability to understand various businesses and their goals has made him an effective manager of many international projects, including work with the NBA. Brad and Derek Johnson worked together previously at, where they co-managed most International Basketball leagues and the NCAA. “I look forward to helping our clients operate more efficiently and economically through our everyday interactions.” Brad brings to POSM an innate talent for customer service and attentiveness: he understands the needs of our clients, actively solves their problems, and guides them through the next steps for success. We look forward to the growth he’ll bring to POSM Software and the value he’ll bring to our clients.

Brad is an avid sports fan; he enjoys his time in the snow, running hills, and spending time with his wife, son and two dogs.

POSM Staff Photo RJ

Regis Josef “RJ” Leveriza

Tech Support for Asia Pacific Sales
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Regis Josef “RJ” Leverza was recruited by POSM Sales Manager Derek Johnson in March of 2020 to join the expanded sales team. RJ will help build and manage our Manila, Philippines-based tech support team, an expansion which will greatly enhance POSM’s tech support with extended territory and by expanded daily support hours.

RJ divides his time between several roles: he assists tech support by taking customer calls when needed; he also makes courtesy calls to customers who haven’t used POSM support for more than 6 months. He explained, “I ensure the product is working well for them and I also remind them that tech support is there whenever they need it.” He does all this while helping to create the Manila Tech Support Team. “POSM is a small group of really good people, everyone is easy to work with and very supportive,” RJ said. “POSM may be laid back, but we make sure to get the job done.”

His past experience includes 7 years support for financial institutions (including as a fraud analyst) and seven years as a Real GM international basketball consultant. RJ earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from De La Salle University in Manila. He enjoys traveling, experiencing international culture and food, and playing video games. He follows various sports, including basketball, occasional European Soccer/Football, and he’s a fan of MMA.

Staff Photo Robert Katter

Bob Katter

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Bob co-founded the company that eventually became POSM Software in 2000 while at Purdue University earning his Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Technology and Networking. He continued to nurture POSM while employed at Caterpillar and for seven years as an engineer at RS Technical Services (now Subsite Electronics), where he worked with cameras, tractor development, and IT server administrators. He took the company full-time in 2009.

 “I help people every day while creating something I enjoy,” said Bob. “I’ve traveled the world and worked with a lot of amazing people, all while providing for my family with something we built from scratch.”

 Bob enjoys gaming, running, hiking, cycling (both the kind you pedal and the kind with a motor), inline skating, photography, and, of course, computing.

Staff Photo Cliff Katter

Gene "Cliff" Katter

Vice President
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Cliff started working for POSM back in 2001 as a contracted graphic artist. He joined the company full-time January 2011. “I’ve been an avid computer programmer and user since the ‘80s.” Cliff earned a BFA in painting from Ball State University.

Along with his freelancing endeavors, Cliff was a graphic designer for Galyan’s Sports and Outdoor in the early 2000s. After it closed, he worked for a GSW Worldwide, design agency that specializes in pharmaceutical advertising. Through the years, he transitioned into IT roles.

“We have a very down-to-Earth customer base. I especially like the challenge of supporting our software because it encompasses so many aspects of technology: databases, video and image creation, GIS, network storage and communications, cloud solutions, web development, mobile setups, workstations, printing, and hardware.”

Staff Photo Megan oNeal

Megan O’Neal

Account Management and Human Resources Developer
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Megan joined POSM in March 2017. She’s earned a Bachelor's of Applied Sciences degree in Social/Community Services and a Master’s in Project Management. Megan’s work experience includes over ten years in office management, including restaurants, private hunting plantations in Georgia, and most recently, a law office. Multi-tasking is one of her super powers. Megan loves the people at POSM. “I had my third baby only two months after I began working for POSM, and they sent me the prettiest flowers to the hospital. It speaks volumes when a company takes interest in its employees. From my experience, happy employees take care of the customer, and POSM strives to ensure both objectives are achieved. Honest concern for the well-being of others is rare but oh so needed."

Megan lives three hours from the coast of Florida. “I’m a bit of a beach bum. My dad taught me to surf when I was little and I enjoy watching the surfers on the Atlantic Coast. I want to enroll my eldest son in surf lessons.” She and her husband love kayaking, hiking, and biking. They homeschool their oldest child, and are active members of The Church at the Groves in Leesburg, GA. “My husband is a chef, so we consider ourselves ‘foodies.’ We love to travel to new places just to eat the food.” She is a huge Jimi Hendrix fan--two of her children bear "Hendrix" as their middle name.

Staff Photo Alex Roberts

Alex Roberts

Technical Support Rep
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Alex Roberts joined POSM Software's tech support in October 2019. Alex brings five years of previous experience in the IT field, making him a perfect fit to enhance POSM's talented team of experts.

Alex graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media Production and a focus in video recording/editing. He joined the POSM Software team after working IT for PCM and IgnitionOne.

He loves talking about classic rock and arcade games, so don’t get him started if you know what’s best.

Staff Photo Andrew Seidel

S. Andrew Seidel

Technical Support Rep and Vice President of Electronic Hardware
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Andrew joined the POSM support team in 2016. He served four years in the United States Air Force, stationed mostly in Japan, where he maintained and repaired fighter jets. He also worked five years at Franklin County Metro Parks performing park and vehicle maintenance, and one year at Champion Cleaning, where he repaired sewer inspection equipment and all things computer-related.

"Bob and Cliff [Katter] are the kindest, fairest bosses I’ve ever had. I feel as though my efforts directly affect the company.” In his free time, he enjoys making music, skateboarding, riding his motorcycle, and fly fishing.

Staff Photo Bob Sullivan

Bob "CopyBob" Sullivan

Marketing Associate
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CopyBob's marketing and advertising experience goes back to 1998; his content expertise includes retail, technology, insurance, and business success stories, across a variety of platforms.

Way back in the early 2000s, Cliff Katter and CopyBob were marketing co-workers in the ad department of a retail sporting goods store. After the company folded and the fat cats took all the profits, they were both kicked to the curb. In August 2017, Cliff invited CopyBob to help POSM Software enhance its marketing platform. CopyBob helped rebuild the website, then helped grow the social media platform. "The sky's the limit on POSM's potential and my personal growth as a marketer."

CopyBob drinks coffee from a Little Mermaid mug and is man enough to admit it.

Business Partner

Motaz Elkhouly M-E Accounting and Tax Services, Inc

Motaz Elkhouly

M-E Accounting and Tax Services, Inc


Motaz Elkhuly entered the accounting and bookkeeping profession in 1992; he founded M-E Accounting and Tax Services in Central Florida in 2006. “My main goal in life is helping others achieve financial success.”

M-E Accounting and Tax Services assists individuals, small business owners, and managers. Services include but are not limited to: accounting, bookkeeping, business planning, tax preparation, and payroll. Motaz and his staff work hard to save their clients time
and money.

He’s managed POSM Software’s account since December 2015. “Working with the POSM team, Bob, Gene Clifford, Phil and Megan, is a challenge, but fun. They always try to make my job easier as I strive to serve them to the best of my ability.” Learn more about M-E Accounting by clicking here.