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POSM Phone Support


Day to day, the most urgent need of our random customer is to reach out to POSM Software for Tech Support. We have several options to do so. The method for the fastest and most interactive response is to open the POSM app and click the Mobile Session button (or log onto our website, go to the Support tab, and do the same). For support amd less critical issues, you can also connect to POSM with a phone call to our landline by dialing:





Which brings us to our topic. 

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POSM 10.1: A Deeper Dive


Last week we announced the launch of the latest update of POSM Software 10.1 in a blog you can read here. We covered a lot in that write-up, and we could only offer a glimpse into the many upgrades and improvements the upgrade offers.

So now let’s take a deeper dive into some of the latest and more exciting enhancements of our software, and the reasons why all customers with their tech support contract in good standing should schedule their FREE UPGRADE immediately.

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Conozca a nuestro equipo de soporte técnico  hispanohablante de POSM

Click here to read in English: Meet our POSM Spanish Speaking Veteran Tech Support 

Formado en 2020 para satisfacer la demanda de nuestra creciente base de clientes latinoamericanos, nuestro equipo de soporte técnico de habla hispana es altamente calificado y experimentado, y está listo para abordar todas sus necesidades. Hemos capacitado a este personal para especializar en todas las funciones relacionadas con nuestro software, tales como la instalación de nuestra licencia GIS-Server, la creación de mapas, la capacitación de usuarios, la personalización de informes, y hasta las actualizaciones de PC. Nuestro equipo latinoamericano ofrece cobertura completa durante nuestro horario comercial normal. Cuando se comunique con nuestro soporte técnico, lo conectaremos con un miembro de nuestro equipo que sepa exactamente cómo abordar su problema y que pueda hablar con usted en su propio idioma para resolverlo lo más rápido posible.


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NOW LIVE: POSM Software Upgrade 10.1


POSM 10.1


That’s right, the latest version of POSM Software went live earlier this week. We’ve added a number of fixes and enhancements to keep our software the most secure, accurate, and easy to use option in the industry. We're excited to get this to our customers as fast and efficiently as possible. Here’s how. 

Most importantly, if you own an older version of our software (and your annual tech support is paid up to date) rest assured you can download the latest version directly to your PC or laptop at no additional cost to you. Simply click here to contact tech support to get you started.


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POSM Software is Back on the Road

Now that the government has turned us loose to attend in-person events, we’re running wild. Keep reading to learn our upcoming convention dates.

The POSM team demonstrates the OwlVision Manhole Camera at the WWETT Show

First, last February, we attended the perennial favorite, the 2022 WWETT Show in Indianapolis. We demoed our new product, the OwlVision Manhole Camera. You can learn all about the camera at this blog that tells you all about it

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