Introducing a New Feature: Water Level Graph

We just can’t stop improving on POSM. Effective with your next update, your inspection software will include a new feature: a water level graph overlay, essentially a pipeline water level graphic that helps the operator (as the name implies) accurately measure the water level flowing within the pipeline. The feature is best toggled on at the start of a PACP or LACP inspection. The overlay is a lined measuring graphic marking off the water level in 5% increments. This information is useful to track changing water levels over time and repeated inspections.

The Water Level Graphic Overlay During an Inspection

The water level graph overlay is mathematically accurate and easy to read. Note that while you can see the graphic superimposed on screen during a live feed, it won’t record on the video. 

The water level graph is an extremely useful tool for diagnosis, but it is not the only graphic overlay you can access during a pipeline inspection. Users can also toggle on the clock position graph. It is a similar tool that gives the operator a quick reference point to accurately ascertain the correct clock position of a feature or issue.

If you are running any POSM software application, the water level graph is available to you, but you will need to contact our tech support to schedule the latest software upgrade. It’s fast and convenient, and if your annual support is in good standing, it costs you nothing more to download the latest version. Click here to get started

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