POSM Spotlight: POSM Tech Support Offers Training Sessions

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Why do we offer free remote training sessions? Times change, technology changes, and your favorite programs change with the technology. Slowly, almost beyond your notice, you come to a day where that program you thought you knew has added features that may not be obvious, even to a veteran user. When that happens with POSM Software, our tech support has you covered with free remote training sessions.

Whether you’re a long-time satisfied POSM customer who just needs to brush up on the latest features, need a refresher, or you have members of your team who are new and green to all things POSM, our expert tech support will take great care of you with FREE personalized remote training sessions. It's just another service service we offer to all customers with their annual support in good standing.

FREE Goals Assessment
We get it. POSM constantly adds functionality to its software, and changes to accommodate the latest technology breakthroughs. New upgrades often mean new features are added to the software you thought you knew, perhaps hiding or obscuring a helpful app you might have used...if only you knew about it. Every now and then, even a seasoned pro needs a refresher course or training session on the latest best practices and features.

Our tech support can help you train up a “green” new employee or dig a little deeper into your favorite functions. We’ll work with you to determine what you know, what you need, and what you may not have been aware of. We’ll discuss:

  • Your most used features
  • Your company’s expertise and goals
  • How your company utilizes POSM
  • Upgraded apps and features since you were trained
  • Potential upgrades to take you to the next level
  • Glitches (Microsoft calls these “Features”) you’ve encountered and their potential solutions
  • Detailed scheduling of your re-training needs

We will also perform a “Software Tune-Up”, review your company’s desktops and laptops (we recommend Equus and our team can help you build a machine to fit your needs. Here is an article about that.), storage capacity, and hardware, then recommend any improvements and upgrades, and how we can help with those.

FREE Virtual Training
Most training for individuals or small groups is scheduled as a virtual session through a group conference call or video chat. These sessions are completely FREE to our customers with current tech support.

POSM Staff Andrew Seidel

FREE remote training is handled by one of our talented Tech Support,
such as Andrew Seidel

If a more thorough on-site visit is requested or required, there will be a consultation fee applied. Whatever you decide, all options will be reviewed and discussed in detail before we schedule your training. We’ll never pull a “gotcha” with a hidden charge.

We’ll never pull a “gotcha” with a hidden charge.

Our team is already checking in with all our customers to make them better aware of this service and to gauge their needs for further training. However, if you know your company has a need for re-training or a refresher session, you can “cut in line” and we’ll get you all set up. Click here to contact our industry-leading tech support and we’ll get you added to the consultation schedule.

At POSM Software, we’re at our best when we’re bringing you at your best. Our tech experts are standing by to help. Don’t wait, click the link right now.

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How about clicking here to contact our tech support and ask about our FREE fully usable completely unlocked 60-Day no-obligation trial software. We train our new customers. too.