POSM a Vital Partner in Hydromax USA's Coast-to-Coast Success

Established in 2003, Hydromax USA (HUSA) specializes in detailed, thorough investigations to report on the condition of water and waste pipe infrastructure from coast to coast across the United States.

Hydromax USA is ESRI Silver Partner

Gabe Stewart of HUSA explained how POSM Software is a valuable partner to the company. Gabe joined HUSA as a data analyst in 2006. Now a Data Analyst Manager, he witnesses firsthand how HUSA and POSM Software work together to provide the detailed, accurate services their clients have come to expect.

HUSA Staff Thomas Riner and Jamie Bougher

HUSA Analysts Thomas Riner (seated) and Jamie Bougher (standing)

POSM’s NASSCO-certified compatibility is a big reason HUSA uses POSM Pro on their large fleet of field data collection trucks with POSM Server for inspection analysis and library storage.. HUSA’s engineers operate a mixed group of inspection robots manufactured by CUES and Rausch, but POSM keeps everything speaking the same language. “The crews collect the [closed-circuit TV inspection] data and send it to our office. A data analyst reviews the information. We store all our inspection data in POSM.” Gabe explained that being NASSCO-certified “makes POSM inter-operative with other platforms, so the inspection data is ‘software agnostic.” We can all share a singular format that will run on any NASSCO-Certified software.”

HUSA Staff in FieldThis versatility makes inspections “accessible years later, so if a client comes back [and needs us to reference the inspection], we can go through our library and reference the inspection in a few seconds with no concerns about compatibility.” This function also allows HUSA to compare inspections that occur years apart. For example, “We can look and say, ‘Okay, in 2016, we had these defects, but in 2018, we now see these additional defects.’ So we can track and update the condition of the pipes with high efficiency.”

He added, “Data storage is tricky, especially with videos. It feels like we’ve expanded to storage space that rivals the size of Amazon or Google. POSM offers the best option on the market to manage this extra large storage level.”

Gabe also praised POSM’s report generator. NASSCO compatibility means that “POSM is highly versatile and allows us a great deal of customization so we can create individualized reports to best serve each client. You can change around anything on a report or database; you can provide extra information that a client may request that’s not normally part of the NASSCO standard.”

HUSA added crossbore Inspections to their specialized services in 2008. “At the time, Gabe observed, the industry had no standardized processes for crossbore inspections. Gabe quipped, “It takes a long time to create new standards for an industry that goes back to the Romans.”

Photo of Gas Crossbore in Sewer PipeA crossbore refers to a pipeline accident where a pipe segment has impacted or punched through a second pipe segment. When one of those pipes is a gas pipe, a fast, accurate, and detailed inspection of the damage is vital to determining a safe repair. Such repairs are handled by trusted experts, and HUSA has earned its reputation of expertise through successful outcomes in this important niche service. Gabe observed, “If sewer pipes back up into someone’s house, it’s disgusting and it’s an inconvenience. If a gas crossbore gets hit, it can blow up a house.”

Over the last decade, “HUSA and POSM have worked closely together to develop standards for inspecting crossbores, and HUSA hopes to help create a regulating body [in our industry]. POSM has helped take us forward, collaborating with us to develop the processes we need.” HUSA packages their gas line processes into a suite of services they call GasSafe(R).

"POSM has helped take us forward, collaborating with us to develop the processes we need.”

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Hydromax USA (HUSA) is a professional services firm specializing in data collection to locate and assess the condition of the country’s aging water, wastewater and natural gas conveyance systems. HUSA’s vast experience with new technologies and techniques empowers contractors, engineers, and utility owners to make the best rehabilitation decisions regarding their buried infrastructure. Click here to go to their website and learn more.