Introducing New Software: POSM Manhole

POSM Software is launching a new software product called POSM Manhole, a product to bundle with our new Owl Vision 360 Manhole Camera and our ruggedized control case.

The Manhole Camera was specifically created to provide the just-right solution that falls between GoPro style too-basic economy options and high-priced cameras that include far more functions than you may ever use. The Manhole camera is the only high end system that:

  • Lowers the device in a far smooth and steadier descent (versus “GoPro style” products).
  • The smooth descent results in an unwrapped stitched image video that captures the best flat view second-to-none.
  • Has the option to record inspections in HD, up to 4K video.

Let’s explore deeper.

Soon after the release of the Manhole Camera, we created a unique version of our inspection software, POSM Manhole. It is designed for customers specifically looking to capture NASSCO MACP inspection data with the Owl Vision camera system.

  • The Owl Vision Manhole Camera is “hardware agnostic”, meaning it is compatible with a variety of leading manufacturers’ camera control inspection systems.
  •  Offers a precise distance counter of 100 counts per foot to capture distance in real time while recording.
  • POSM Manhole has been created specifically for the Owl Vision Manhole camera. Its custom interface ensures you have easy access to all the most robust and important functions of the device, such as the NASSCO MACP-compatible interface with graphic manhole images.

The POSM Manhole software is designed to run on our Ruggedized Control Box Briefcase. The new POSM controller supports all inspection versions of POSM. With its 19” high brightness sunlight monitor, and powerful Windows computer, it can also capture video and data from mainline and push camera systems. The case can be powered with either 110Vac or 12Vdc input power sources.

The Ruggedized Control Briefcase

The Owl Vision Camera has been a multi-year R&D labor of love at the highest levels of the company that we believe will change the industry for the better.

Now that the dream is a reality, we’ve created a family of products to help our customers get the most out of their investment.


The hard case remote unit controls the Owl Vision camera, and can also control several types of crawlers or push cameras by major leading brands. If you’re interested in using our ruggedized briefcase to control other cameras, you should buy a license for POSM Pro for the case. 

Bottom line: Effective immediately, your purchase of an Owl Vision Manhole Camera will come bundled with a hardshell controller box loaded with your choice of software: POSM Pro, POSM Lite, or the new option, POSM Manhole.
These products are literally made for each other, and your total investment will still come nowhere near the cost of the high end competition. 


If you have questions or want to know more, we encourage you to contact our tech support to discuss your needs. Every company is different, and our experts can help you determine the best course of action to make the smartest investment for your needs. 

Contact us today and Explore the POSM-bilities.

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