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You need virtual storage. You need lots of it, and you want that virtual storage to be reliable, secure, and with all the options and frills to enhance your tracking and accuracy.

Welcome to POSM Server. Maybe you got here because you outgrew POSM Office and POSM Storage. Or maybe you didn’t outgrow them so much as you needed to add two-way Geographic Information System (GIS) synch. Or maybe you’re new to us, but you’ve already built up a huge archive of inspections. Or you know you’re going to very soon.

The paths are many, but the destination is the same. However it happened, you’ve come to the right place. You could call POSM Server the Cadillac of Virtual File Storage. Then again, you don’t drive virtual storage. That’s why we call POSM Server our Premier Storage System. Premier means the biggest. The best. The top.

POSM Server Features:

  • Saves unlimited sessions. You’re only limited by your company’s storage space.
  • Handles unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Compatible with Geographic Information System (GIS) two-way communication for enhanced, synchronized mapping.
  • SQL Database offers optimal speed, no matter how large your database grows.
  • Enhanced crawler observation tracking through GIS calculations.
  • Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

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ESRI Certified Business Partner

ESRI Certified Business Partner.

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