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About POSM.

POSM Software enhances the data-collecting and mapping capacities of robot crawlers that track and diagnose current and potential issues within sewers, storm drains, manholes, wells, and pipelines. POSM Software offers four interface options and three digital storage options to best fit your needs. 

Among POSM’s most popular features are the easy-to-customize, quick-fill template editor, its compatibility with all video options, and easy export options to CD, flash drive, or PDF. POSM Software is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, so you probably already have a system that can run it. 

The majority of our customers license POSM Professional, but whichever version of POSM you choose, you can always upgrade for the difference in price as long as your support service is in effect. No “fees” or “service charges,” you pay for what you need, when you need it. When you retire your current computer, our customer service will help you transfer your software and license to your new one.

Current News.

December 2017.

NASSCO Version 7 Implementation Status.

POSM Software has passed certification for PACP and LACP version 7. MACP certification is still in process. NASSCO 7 templates will be part of POSM 10. We will officially launch POSM 10 in February 2018. Customers with current support contracts and applicable programs can upgrade to the latest version*

*POSM Professional, Portable, Office, Storage and Server.

NASSCO PACP Certified SoftwareNASSCO MACP Certified SoftwareNASSCO LACP Certified Software

NASSCO PACP, MACP, and LACP Certified Software.

ESRI Certified Business Partner

ESRI Certified Business Partner.

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